À propos de Bioplus-Probois


Bioplus-Probois npo: the Belgian Biocide and Wood Protection Association

The roots of the association date back to 1967 Bioplus-Probois asbl/vzw became effective in June 2012. The member companies are active in the diverse areas of disinfection, material and environmental protection, product conservation and preservation.

The biocide industry is a branch of the chemical & life sciences industry requiring a high technical and high capital investment level. The biocide industry provides essential products to sustain the bio-based economy, to enhance the functional lifetime of production tools, products and materials and to protect our living environment to the benefit of the consumer.

Bioplus-Probois asbl/vzw represents its branch towards public authorities, organisations or the general public on regional, national and European level. It co-operates in a collaborative spirit with authorities, stakeholders and other actors related to our industry.

It is active in the field of production, technology, economy, ecology, the logistic chain and of course sustainable development of our branch.

Bioplus-Probois asbl/vzw members are dedicated to responsible care and to putting high quality products on the market. In addition to science based innovation, they strive to a continuous support and product stewardship for safe, sustainable and efficient use of their product range.

Bioplus - Members

  • Arch Timber Protection
  • Armosa
  • Bayer CropScience
  • Buckman Laboratories
  • BWT Belgium
  • CID Lines
  • Compo Benelux
  • DeLaval
  • Hoetmer
  • Janssen PMP
  • Killgerm Benelux
  • Nutrition & Biosciences (Switzerland) GmbH
  • Pelsis
  • PPG Coatings Belgium
  • Rain Carbon
  • Rütgers Organics
  • Solenis Belgium
  • Suez Water Technologies & Solutions
  • T&G
  • Thor GmbH, Germany

Bioplus-Probois internal organisation

Mr. Raf Leyman

Mr. Jean-Louis Feys
Mr. Danny Gorissen
Mr. Arno Vanoosten

Mr. Peter Jaeken (Secretary-General)
Mr. Kevin Heylen (Regulatory Affairs Expert)
Ms. Sigrid Maebe (Communication Expert)
Ms. Vinciane Gervais (Assistant)

Working Group coordinators
WG Bioplus - Mr. Raf Leyman
WG Probois - Mr. Dany Gorissen 

Interested in becoming a member?

Feel free to contact the secretariat for our terms and conditions to become full or associated member.


À propos de Bioplus-Probois

L’Association belge des producteurs, formulateurs et distributeurs de produits biocides à usage professionnel et/ou privé.

Mission de Bioplus-Probois

Nous entretenons un dialogue constructif avec les autorités compétentes et d’autres parties prenantes concernées de très près par notre industrie.




Faites connaissance avec l’équipe dynamique de Bioplus-Probois !


Bioplus-Probois s’organise autour d’un Conseil d’administration, d’une Assemblée générale et de divers groupes de travail.


Bioplus-Probois est inscrite au registre des lobbyistes de la Chambre des représentants.
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